Going To Greenbelt 2018!

So thrilled to be headed back to Greenbelt. I first presented at Greenbelt in 2006. I love the thought-provoking conversations and the artful presentations of justice issues that happen at this annual Arts Festival in England. While I go as a presenter, I attend as many talks and performances as possible. Some of the most memorable and moving performances I ever witnessed took place at Greenbelt. I also always meet beautiful, thoughtful, and interesting people there.

I am thrilled to return to Greenbelt for the fifth time. My hope is to deepen conversations around LGBTQ issues, faith, and climate change. I will mix scholarship with personal narrative, storytelling, and performance art. As a Quaker, I will contribute to the conversations about Quakerism, peace, and meditative worship.

See some of the amazing acts that will also appear at Greenbelt. Learn more here.

After Greenbelt I will lead a workshop at Woodbrooke Quaker Centre and then tour with Ruth Wilde. I would love to come to your community to present my work and engage in the conversations you are having there.

The Greenbelt Festival 2015 where Peterson performed, Does This Apocalypse Make me Look Fat?


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