My great ex-gay escape in England

A podcast about dramatic exists

Mary Newman, a Londoner, has created a podcast with a delicious premise.

The Escape Podcast is an audio series showcasing first-hand accounts of extraordinary exits: literal leave-takings and figurative flights, and those in between. We want to explore “escape” as an experiential category of transition and transformation in the face of constraint.

A Scientologist, A Countess, and an Ex-Ex-Gay Queen

Episode One: William Drummond opens about his life in and out of the Church of Scientology, from which escape is always an ongoing process.

Episode Two: Countess Amanda Feilding discusses the art and history of (self-) trepanation, and other, less literal, means of consciousness-expansion (i.e. psychoactive substances), her journey discovering them, and how they can help us.

And in Episode Three: ME!

Peterson Toscano reflects on his seventeen-year campaign to become “straight,” his salvation from Salvation, and queer wisdom brought back from the culture wars.

Some people do not know that some of my sordid ex-gay experiences, exorcisms, and conversion therapies took place in England. I talk about these and much, much more.


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