Gorgeous Iceland! Sights and Sounds

In September I visited Iceland. Wow what a beautiful country! It is a geological wonder with loads of active volcanoes and hot springs sprinkled throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed their hot bath culture spending hours at a community pool jumping between the different temperatures in the various pools. The highlight of my trip though was a visit to the Icelandic Metrological office thanks to an invitation from my friend, Dr. Melissa Pfeffer, a volcanologist who annually visits most if not all of the active volcanoes measuring their gases and activity.

While at the Met office I also sat down and had a beer with Dr. Halldór Björnsson who overseas climate change research in Iceland. We had a wonderful conversation that surprised me. Halldór recognizes the seriousness of global warming, but he is brimming with hope. He also sees the power that everyday citizens have to help address climate change. No, not by changing our lightbulbs; he advocates for citizens to use their political power to demand changes from government.

Maybe you have already been to Iceland or are planning a trip. Below are some photos I took from my trip. Learn about the climate of Iceland and hear Halldór explain what summer weather is like there. Learn about the changes that have been happening to this small nation and the ways they have adapted economically.


Where two continental plates meet


Some of the hot spring action


Volcanoes created surreal landscapes


Dettifoss is a waterfall in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland, and is reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe


Reykjavík , Iceland’s capitol

A cemetery in Reykjavík

A cemetery in Reykjavík

My Icelandic picnic lunch

My Icelandic picnic lunch

Where they monitor weather, volcanoes, and earthquakes

Where they monitor weather, volcanoes, and earthquakes


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