Gender Talk Radio Interview

This weekend at the True Colors Conference, Nancy Nangeroni & Gordene O. MacKenzie of Gender Talk Radio, interviewed a bunch of us including Robin McHaelen the woman who started the conference 13 years ago as a graduate school project. It is now the world’s largest LGBTIQ youth conference for youth and their supporters.

GenderTalk Radio is “the leading radio program on transgender issues.” In the show I was able to talk a little about the “ex-gay” movement, give a sample up the recently updated opening to Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House and perform my Identity Monologue, where through six characters in two minutes I tell my life story.

I also spoke briefly about transgender issues and the “ex-gay” movement and how like the gay and lesbian community, the “ex-gay” movement has not known how to accept or even acknowledge transgender individuals.

It is a great episode with plenty of youth voices included. Have a listen.

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