Gay and Christian? An insightful and hilarious conversation

Lord Have Mercy


Chrystal Cheatham

I sit down for an interview with Chrystal Cheatham, host of Lord Have Mercy podcast. Oh we cover a lot of ground–queer theology, race, privilege, wild Bible births, how everything is connected. I don’t know but she brings out the best in me.

We spoke so long that she is going to present the interview in two parts.

Taking Matters into our own Hands

If you are a gay Christian and you want a better understand of how to approach the Bible and get beyond the clobber passages, have a listen. Also, check out Chrystal’s site. She has articles and is creating a new special Bible app designed just for LGBTQ Christians. You might even want to submit an article or content to her site or the app.

Peterson Toscano is hilarious and poignant and our in-the-meantime-guest as Alba and Crystal craft an entire season of podcasts that don’t skimp on the awkward, tense and cringe worthy truths about God, Sex and the Bible. Peterson is one of Crystal’s favorite performers and a true trailblazer who has been handling top tier discussions on sex and the bible long before this podcast.

Have a Listen

Lord Have Mercy podcast: Peterson Toscano Part One  (Also hear it on iTunes)


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