You are freaked out about Climate Change. Now What?

Regardless of how you might feel about David Wallace-Wells’ terrifying article about climate change, I have to admit, it has gotten some people talking. In my upcoming episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio (drops on July 24) I will explore the role of fear when communicating climate change. Is it ever helpful and appropriate? When? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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There have been a slew of reactions/responses to the Wallace-Wells’ piece. My favorite appeared in Vice with the deliciously cheeky title: So, You’ve Decided You Give a Shit About Climate Change. Mike Pearl does something different from the other writers taking on the New York Magazine fright piece, he actually gives people some very helpful next steps.

Sure we can get freaked out about climate change, but what should we do about it? I say to my audiences the first thing to do is to educate ourself. Pearl provides links and suggestions to do just that.

Fortunately, you only have to spend a little bit of time learning about this stuff to speak with confidence. Some of the links that follow will only take a minute, and some will take 15 or 20, but if you digest all of them, you’ll be pretty much up to speed in my humble opinion. I can’t really help you be a more moral person, or “fix” the problem, but reading and watching this stuff might finally make it real for you.

Check out  So, You’ve Decided You Give a Shit About Climate Change


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