Fleeing the FF Lifestyle 

Many years ago when I attended a special camp designed to make me straight, (long story,) I was told that I had to abstain from all FI behavior. FI stands for false image. They taught us that gays hid behind masks. We had to strip these off to be a true selves.

It didn’t quite make sense for me though l to be a pretend heterosexual In order to be my true self.

But lately I’ve been thinking about the FF lifestyle–The Fossil Fuel. This is the lifestyle that has dominated our world for over 100 years. It has polluted our air and our waterways. It is time to repent.

Even for people who don’t think we need to act to address climate change, there are many compelling reasons to reduce fossil fuel pollution.

In the USA people experience pollution inequity. If you are a person of color, you will experience more pollution than most white people. Many incinerators, power plants, and refineries are located in communities where amajority of black and brown people living right up against the pollution production facilities.

Yes we need energy to live. We need electricity. We need to keep our homes warm or cool. There’s no need to strip down and live the simplest life possible. We can be innovative and smart about how we create and share energy.

Drawling on old time religion, I’m sending out a call for us to repent from our flamboyant fossil fuel lifestyles. We can  go in a whole new direction.

It’s time for new heavens and a new earth


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