Fascists, Homophobes, and Sectarian Violence — Oh My!

In episode 13 of my Bubble&Squeak show, it gets downright political. This is the kind of show where I put three very different things together in one episode. Somehow a theme emerges. This time the theme is quite strong. My friend, the Irish author, Shirley McMillan, starts us off by sharing what led her to start the very first school Gender and Sexuality Alliance in a Northern Irish school (in fact, pretty much anywhere in the UK.) It is both a shocking and moving story.

Me and Shirley when she visited the USA Summer 2019

From there she tells us about an initiative she facilitated for the John Hewitt Society. She traveled to remote villages to hear older people’s stories and to help them create writing pieces that were ultimately published in an anthology. Shirley discovered parts of the country she never saw before. More importantly, she learned about practices and experiences she assumed happened in the distant past, but in reality happened in much more recent times. She tells the story of a village with a surplus of homes. This is where soldiers were stationed and people were sent during the evacuations at the time of The Troubles, conflicts between Catholics and Protestant paramilitary groups and state forces.

From there the show goes a bit off the rails. The middle section of the show typically has a comic interlude or radio play. This one is comedy but it has an edge. You will just have to hear it. I am sure some people will find it disturbing. I find it disturbing, but I also felt I needed to include it.

Finally, as always I end the show with a Sound Slice. This one my husband Glen Retief encouraged me to record when we exited an airport in Berlin. You hear dozens of roller bags wheeled over cobblestones.

Club Together
Part One Irish author, Shirley Anne McMillan on LGBTQ students, integrated schools, and the role of storytelling in the peace process.
Part Two Kyle, an earnest praise and worship leader begins hour 23 of a 24 hour marathon to silence the devil and his own fears.
Part Three a sound slice Berlin, Germany.

Featured Photo by Paul Murphy on Unsplash


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