Ex-Gay Therapy On South Park

This from Daniel Gonzales:

Thanks to multiple tipsters who let me know last night’s South Park revolved around a character being sent to a live-in conversion ministry much like Love In Action/Refuge (LIA/R). As expected with South Park the humor pushed beyond the limits of good taste. Having heard the stories and met people harmed by ex-gay programs the show’s jokes about suicide and self-loathing hit a bit too close to home to be funny. The second plot line revolved around Cartman who took a prank photograph of him putting another character’s penis in his mouth and his coming to the realization that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay.

I happened to be at my Dad’s house the night the show aired and saw it. I love how comedy can tease out the deeper issues of oppression and insanity in our society.

The reality is that parents do force their children to attend ex-gay programs or to see Christian counselors to address same-sex attractions and gender differences. Some parents today feel terrified about having a lesbian, gay, transgender or “bi-curious” child. Organizations prey on these fears and offer false promises. Young people are literally killing themselves over this struggle.

Sometimes it takes the court jester to uncover the madness of our times.

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  1. Kev on March 16, 2007 at 8:18 pm

    I thought of you when that episode aired the other night, and was curious to hear your reaction. I too cringed at some points, but I thought the underlying message was a good one, particularly since it was directed at middle America.

    Plus some parts of that ep were just FUNNY.

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