Ex-Gay Survivors Speak Out in Denver

Last weekend in Denver bXg held its Ex-Gay Exposé in response to the anti-gay NARTH conference. Christine Bakke and Daniel Gonzales sat for an interview with the Denver Daily News.

Daniel speaks of his own ex-gay experiences,

“You can stop having gay sex and you can choose not to base your personality around it … but I don’t actually believe you can change your core sexual orientation,” said Gonzales who said he is now “very comfortable” with his sexual orientation.

“I pursued it at the time because I honestly believed it applied to my life,” continued Gonzales about why he voluntarily chose to enter the therapy at the time. “I truly convinced myself that I was becoming straight.”

The article goes on to quote Christine Bakke and to move past the issue of Is Change Possible? to address the more important question, What Harms Come from Pursuing this Change?

Aurora resident Christine Bakke said she lost her relationship with her parents over being gay because they could not accept that the therapy simply does not work. After feeling family and societal pressure, Bakke tried for over four years to voluntarily change her sexual orientation.

“I failed miserably, as one generally does,” she explained.

Beyond the therapy not working, Bakke said it left her with great emotional pain as well.

“One of the hardest things to work through was the feeling like I’m broken,” she said. “I believed that for so long. I was always looking for what’s broken.”

Beyond Ex-Gay has identified several areas in which “survivors” have been hurt by reparative therapy, including suicidal tendencies, masochism and low self-esteem, to name a few.

After moving to the Denver area several years ago to find a reparative therapist, Bakke also lost a high paying job for one in a truck parts store. She said she later realized that much of the “scientific research” that groups like NARTH claim to use is based on unofficial published sources that are not accepted by most in the scientific community.

You can read the whole article here.

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