Ex-Gay Survivors on Dutch TV

Scott Tucker and David Christie, former clients of Love in Action, now openly gay and living in NYC, recently sat down with a reporter from the Netherlands for a TV segment that is now available on-line. It’s all in English 🙂

In looking at photos and even video they shot when they were in the program, David and Scott share their experiences–or psychological torture, as David puts it. They talk about life a residential program, getting campy and getting “in trouble.” 36 guys living together trying not to be gay. Does sex happen there? Yep and opera too. Learn about the balloon activities and other therapies including how a proper man should look at their nails. And looking at photos David and Scott talk about where the other ex-gays ended up. Sadly but not surprisingly we learn of failed marriages, AIDS, suicide and much lost time.

They also talk about how they now support each other as ex-ex-gays or veterans of the ex-gay war.

David and Scott found out they were gay when they were young. Then they became self-proclaimed ex-gays trough ‘Love in Action’, a christian organisation that tries to brainwash gays into being straight again. Ofcourse it never really worked: they definately know they are gay now, making them ex-ex-gays.

Have a listen here.

Over at Beyond Ex-Gay you can read a narrative by David and some poems by Scott.


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  1. Arnout on November 13, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Actually, the reporter is an American. Our show is Dutch, but our scope is very international. Hence the extensive website in which every report is available in both Dutch and English subtitles. We almost exclusively rely on local correspondents who report in their own language.

  2. p2son on November 13, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Arnout, thanks for clarifying that.

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