Ex-Gay Survivor Speaks about Suicide Attempt

Blogger, community organizer and ex-gay survivor Eric Leocadio recently sat with Daniel Gonzales to tape some video for Box Turtle Bulletin and Beyond Ex-Gay. Eric recounts much of his experience as an ex-gay including events leading up to his decision to attend and ex-gay program.

In this first of a four part series, Eric talks about a suicide attempt when he was age 14. I have met many other ex-gay survivors who at some point in the midst of their struggle over their sexuality, they attempted or seriously considered attempting suicide.

Ex-Gay Survivor Eric – Part One – Suicide & The Porcelain Punisher

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  1. Eric on January 3, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    Thanks Peterson! I’m here in DC and I spoke to Christine on the phone for a while last night while sitting on the floor just outside the hotel elevator. I really got the sense of how well the two of you really do work as a team. I appreciate you both in being so integral in helping people like me tell their stories!

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