Ex-Gay Exposé of NARTH in Denver Announced

Denver residents Christine Bakke (Beyond Ex-Gay and ex-gay survivor) and Daniel Gonzales (Box Turtle Bulletin and former patient of Josepsh Nicolosi) have announced that they are working with a group of local and national organizations to plan a response to the November convention of NARTH (National Association for the Research and Treatment of Homosexuality). NARTH will hold their conference in Denver November 7-9, 2008.

They have already partnered with Truth Wins Out, Beyond Ex-Gay, Soulforce and PFLAG. In the following video Daniel Gonzales (sporting a new spiky hair style) speaks about some of the events and calls on people to visit the website to share their interest/commitment to get involved. You can go to the Denver Event page here.

Later this month Exodus International will have their own convention in Asheville, NC. A group called Equality Asheville has pulled together a series of events and a coalition of organizations to response to the misinformation that Exodus and the anti-gay Evangelical Church disseminates about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. They will show the films For the Bible Tells Me So and Fish Can’t Fly. Wayne Besen will be on hand to speak to help out during the week.

Beyond Ex-Gay will not be involved with the events around the Exodus convention this year. For one it is in capable hands with the local organizers and groups like Truth Wins Out. (At bXg we really value the local voice and the grassroots work that develops like we saw in Memphis.) Also, we spent time highlighting Exodus last year. They are not the only ex-gay group around. We focus our energy first on the survivors of the ex-gay movement and this include people who have been affected by Focus on the Family, NARTH, and other groups. There is lots of work to do and more and more we have lots of people who can do it.

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