Woodbrooke Quaker Centre Residency (UK)

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Peterson will spend a week at the Woodbrooke Quaker Centre in Birmingham, England. There he will lead a course on storytelling and will explore gender and sex in the Bible.

Let me tell you a story… Deepening your message through storytelling

A workshop to improve storytelling skills. We all tell stories. Storytelling is an essential tool in business, ministry, teaching, activism, and life. Learn how to integrate storytelling into your current work. Discover how to tell compelling stories about your own life, current issues, or in connection to your work. Master storyteller, Peterson Toscano, will help you hone stories you already tell and develop techniques for telling new stories. Become a more effective presenter and speaker and learn how to captivate an audience with your stories. 

Transgress & Transcend–An exploration of gender and sex w/ gay Bible scholar Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano will facilitate a workshop that explores gender and sexuality in Bible stories. While the Bible has been used by some to harm others, there are potential peaceful interpretations of the ancient texts, including those that support LGBTQ lives. Using a variety of methods, traditional and creative, participants will study, discuss, and explore Bible stories to discussion sexual and gender minorities. 

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