Telling a New Kind of Climate Story — CCL Virtual Conference

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2020 is a challenging year.

We’ve been grappling with some urgent and complicated challenges as a country. Later this year, we’ll have a presidential election. Meanwhile, urgent problems like climate change remain high in public awareness—but sometimes it feels like polarization is higher than ever, too. How will our government take action?

If you are able to help, your voice is needed.

Peterson is a dynamic and inventive on-line facilitator

Join CCL’s virtual conference to learn about the path ahead for climate change policy. In addition to a full schedule of keynote speakers, there will be breakout groups including Peterson Toscano’s Telling a New Kind of Climate Story

We have become skilled at telling others about the many dangerous impacts of climate change. It is time to take our storytelling skills to the next level. Peterson Toscano, host of Citizens Climate Radio, will share best practices for how to craft stories that reveal the many beneficial impacts of climate solutions like carbon fee & dividend. You will walk away with a fresh perspectives for the stories you share with friends and family, and in your outreach to the community and to members of congress.

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