Telling Better Climate Stories — CCL Mid-Atlantic Conference

Event Details

Peterson is thrilled to attend and take part in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Citizens Climate Lobby Conference where he will lead an interactive session on Climate and the Art of Storytelling. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to discover how you can take a part in addressing climate change. It includes informative and inspirational speakers, breakout sessions to talk about state strategies, and lots of practical training in lobbying, media outreach, and more.

No story is harder to tell than the one about our changing climate and what it means for each of us. Reciting the facts is not enough to move people to action, in fact, many shut down when they hear even the mention of global warming. How do we break through the collective silence in creative and effective ways? How do we inspire curiosity? How do we connect with people who on the surface seem to have no interest in sustainability, climate change, or environmental issues?

Peterson facilitates this engaging and interactive workshop, which helps participants explore practical and effective methods to develop stories that inspire people to be curious about climate change. Participants will come out of the workshop better understanding how to connect with people who do not see themselves as environmentalists. They will gain confidence in speaking beyond traditional environmental talking points to find common ground.

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