Talking Hope NOT Trash: A Collective Response to Climate Change

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Talking Hope not Trash

As a climate change communicator, Peterson Toscano knows that people can easily feel overwhelmed then shut down. He works hard to draw on storytelling, comedy, and examples of significant successes to open his audiences up to possibilities.

Many well-meaning climate presenters unwittingly stir up fear and shame. They can do such a great job at highlighting the many risks and dangers of climate change and the vastness of the problems, that listeners feel small, weak, and helpless. The reality is that citizens and residents of the USA are far from hopeless or weak.

Learn what you can do to make a real, lasting difference

Peterson will give a lively, informative, and hopeful presentation about the work of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL,) a group that has successfully connected with US lawmakers–Republicans and Democrats–to pursue climate solutions. They have been quietly building political will for carbon fee and dividend.

When Peterson learned about the work of CCL, he initially felt it sounded wonky. Not nearly as sexy as direct non-violent action. But in looking deeply at the proposal, he finds it a powerful and elegant idea that can radically decrease pollution in America leading to a great transition from dirty to clean energy sources. He was so convinced, that he now heads the local Susquehanna Valley chapter of CCL and is the producer and host of Citizens’ Climate Radio.

Calling Climate Action Figures

Learn about the work of CCL both locally and nationally and how you can be part of a solution. Discover the power of developing personal relationships with lawmakers and their staffs, and how volunteer lobbying can be come an important tool that is an antidote to despair AND an effective means to bringing about real change.

Oh, and Peterson just returned from a trip to Cuba where he spoke to farmers about climate change, so likely you will hear a little bit about those fascinating conversations.

A Collective Response to Climate Change

Sunday, January 29, 2017 11:10 am (after 10 am worship)

Millville Friends Meeting 

351 E. Main St.
Millville, PA 17846

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