A Queer Response to Climate Change—Time Travel & Future Design

Event Details

Slip on lavender lenses to reconsider the climate conversation. We will consider how extreme weather affects LGBTQ+ people differently from others and what queer people and movements bring to the climate movement. Explore how to use comedy, camp, and whimsy when taking on a deadly serious issue. Dive into a future thought experiment that will lead you to imagine and design a world without fossil fuels.

Engage all of your senses through multimedia and live performance. Most importantly experiment with shifting the conversation from the dreary impacts of climate change to the engaging enterprise of revealing the many benefits of climate solutions.

March 10, 2021 7:00 pm Eastern

This presentation is part of the Climate Designers Party Program.

The Climate Designers Party Program is a unique experience that brings designers from all disciplines together under one common cause—to solve our climate crisis. Far from the “doom & gloom” that is often felt from news on our climate crisis, the Party Program flips the script to “doom & bloom!” This is an opportunity for creative professionals to take action in their careers, with the skills they already have, and learn how they can put those skills to work in fighting climate change. There is a way!

Let’s mobilize our common desire to use our creative skills for the good of our planet and arm ourselves with knowledge & insight to steer the at-large design profession in the right direction. Our world is in danger but it’s not over yet—there is still time to act and who is more unique at problem-solving than design pros? Get in on the party as we examine not only the problem, but the possibilities.


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