Peoples Climate March Teach-In: Queer Response to Global Warming

Event Details

  • How on earth is Global Climate Change a Queer Issue?

  • How are LGBTQ folks specially positioned to creatively consider Global Warming and develop strategies for addressing it?

  • What will your role be on a new planet?

A Queer Response to Climate Change

Saturday, September 20, 2014 10:45-12:15 PM

Empire College Room 625

325 Hudson Street    NY, NY 10013

Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson

J Mase III

J Mase III


Peterson Toscano

As part of the Peoples Climate March special teach-in day, Nancy Wilson, with 40 years experience faithfully and thoughtfully addressing social justice concerns, along with Peterson Toscano, a queer comic performance artist and off-beat climate comic, and  J Mase iii, a Black/Trans/Queer/Rowdy-as-Hell Poet with a capital [P], team up to offer a presentation that is guaranteed to expand your thinking, give you hope, and provide direction for you and your community in the face of big changes on our little planet.

In this interactive workshop (with some performance thrown in) explore what your role might be on a new planet. We will consider social justice in response to crisis–like with climate change, the HIV/AIDS crisis, and hate crimes. We will examine and discuss how understanding the overlapping intersections of race, class, gender, and ability is essential in developing actions that protect human rights.  Learn how LGBTQ folks communities already have experiences and resources to draw on in the midst of our current and growing climate crisis. Learn, contribute, grow. It’s time for the ultimate makeover!



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