Movie Screening: Transfigurations at My True Colors Festival NYC

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A disciple on a pilgrimage spends the night with strangers and tells stories of gender and sexual minorities in the Bibles. As the narrator reveals the many gender non-conforming Bible characters, this one has to decide if a more personal disclosure brings death or life?

Peterson Toscano has shaken up Bible academics and received high praise for his ground-breaking, genre-bending, gender blending Bible scholarship. By unearthing the stories of gender-variant people in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, Toscano’s film deepens well-known (and lesser-known) Bible stories and presents an array of Bible characters with an array of genders.

Official Trailer Transfigurations-Transgressing Gender in the Bible from Peterson Thomas Toscano on Vimeo.

See the film on the big screen as part of the My True Colors Festival. Transfigurations will be screened along with the film, You Should Meet My Son 2.

You Should Meet My Son 2! — The Trailer from Keith Hartman on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 17th, 6:45pm – 9pm at The Brick Theater, 575 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Transfigurations accomplishes several fairly extraordinary things. It speaks into the fraught intersection of religion and LGBTQ issues, and, without pretending neutrality, welcomes audience members with widely divergent perspectives. It is accessible to people who have never cracked open a Bible, while offering meaningful insights to biblical scholars and other experts. It is intellectually rigorous but grounded in emotion, spirit, and body.

Kody Gabriel Hersh
, Friends Journal


Whether it's a workshop or one of his performance pieces, Peterson's presentations are always filled with humor and love, and more sensitivity to the experiences of transgender people than any non-trans person that I know.

Abby Louise Jensen
, Event Organizer, TransFormAZ


Toscano's excellent theater chops morph characters and identities in that world-changing way only performance allows. His writing and philosophy educate and loosen the tightest knots of queer and religious entanglements. But it's his heart, which his engaging presence radiates, that will pull you in, warm you up, and leave you pleading for an encore.

Scott Turner Scofield
, Transgender actor, artist, solo performer & diversity speaker.

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