Movie Screening: Transfigurations at Seattle Transgender Film Festival

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Religion and trans issues intersect in this showcase of biblical scholar and actor Peterson Toscano, who casts a light on gender-nonconforming characters featured in some of the most well-known stories in scripture. His one-man show asks of the texts, “Who is transgressing and transcending gender?” with creativity, humor, and thought-provoking results. At the Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival, audiences will see the film Transfigurations. Director Samuel Neff bolsters Toscano’s performance with footage of the actor’s own lectures reflecting on his work, producing a film accessible to audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with the Bible.


It is an absolute must-see for all… I haven’t had my brain opened up and refilled so gracefully in a long, long time. My heart loved it too.

Scott Turner Schofield
, Transgender actor, artist, solo theater performer and diversity speaker. Creator of "How to Become a Man in 127 Easy Steps



Official Trailer Transfigurations-Transgressing Gender in the Bible from Peterson Thomas Toscano on Vimeo.

As a Jewish Studies scholar, educator, and activist for TBLG inclusion in Jewish communities, it was a thrill to see confident transgender characters from the Hebrew scriptures given flesh via the performance activism of Peterson Toscano –and, more importantly, to recognize through his performance that those characters fulfilled social roles in Jewish communities as gender variant folk. Bring Transfigurations to your shul and create an opportunity to dialogue about present-day transgender people in Jewish communities.

Noach Dzmura
, Editor, Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community, and Director, Jewish Transitions


Whether it's a workshop or one of his performance pieces, Peterson's presentations are always filled with humor and love, and more sensitivity to the experiences of transgender people than any non-trans person that I know.

Abby Louise Jensen
, Event Organizer, TransFormAZ


Plus: Opening Short: COSMOPOLITAN.COM’S “I AM BEAUTIFUL”: PASTOR MEGAN. Reverend Dr. Megan Rohrer opens up about faith and gender as an out transgender minister.

12th Ave Arts (Suite 206)1620 12th Avenue Seattle, WA, 98122 (map)

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