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In advance of his special show–Gay & Christian, An Intimate Exploration of One Man’s Faith Journey, Peterson will appear live on the WKOK Sunrise program with Mark Lawrence February 24 from 7:10-7:40 AM. You can listen locally in the Sunbury, PA area on 1070 AM or stream on-line.  Recording will be available on the WKOK Sunrise page.

What will Mark and Peterson talk about? Well it can go in any directions and listeners can call in or send emails. So who knows, but one topic that will likely come up is the nearly two decade struggle Peterson had to come to grips in with gay.

On Saturday February 27 in Mifflinburg, PA, Peterson will share his experiences.

Straight for Jesus?

As a teenager, Peterson Toscano gave his heart to Jesus and felt called to the mission field. For all his passion to serve the Lord, he felt disqualified. He knew he was not attracted to women, instead he was romantically and sexually attracted to men. Growing up at the height of the HIV/AIDS Crisis with politicians and preachers publicly denouncing the “gay lifestyle,” Peterson believed he had only one choice, to repent of his gay orientation and seek God for transformation.

IMG_2587He spent 17 years and over $30,000 on three continents actively seeking help from Christian counselors, ex-gay ministries, gay reparative therapists, and for two years attended a residential program designed to help men find freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.

Change Happened–But Not Like He Expected

As the years went by, he realized that he was changing, but not in the ways he had hoped. The more he fought off his gay orientation, the stronger it seemed to grow. More importantly while he longed to cultivate the fruit of the Holy Spirit, (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) he instead harvested a crop of self-hatred, confusion, depression, anger, compulsive behavior, and thoughts of suicide.

He came to a breaking point and reluctantly accepted the reality that he was gay, much like a person receives the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Then began the long journey to find faith as a gay man.

Coming to His Senses and Out of the Shadows

IMG_0332As he came to grips with himself and grew comfortable in his own skin, Peterson became a Bible scholar and an advocate for human rights. He also began doing comedy. “Humor relaxes people, and it helps me to better understand my own struggles,” Peterson says. “It also provides a way to look deeper into issues that at times are too hot to handle.”

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