Beyond Lightbulbs and Polar Bears (Zoom Presentation)

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Climate Action Figures Needed

What issue touches the things we are most passionate about including coffee, pets, and human rights? Surprise! Global Warming. It’s not just about polar bears and grandchildren; it’s about social justice issues affecting people of color, LGBTQ youth and adults, migrants, and more. Queer comic and human rights activist Peterson Toscano reveals how LGBTQ people and others are directly affected by climate change, and how we faith communities can be part of the solutions.

This event is part of the Hartford Friends Meeting on-going 11th Hour programming. In this time of Coronavirus physical distancing, the presentation will be offered on-line to members and attenders of Hartford Meeting and guests. If you are not a member or attender of the meeting and you want to attend this presentation, contact the clerk to request access details.


Inspiring and interactive, Peterson's amazing Zoom presentations always live up to my high expectations. Thank you, Peterson, for your creativity, your engaging vision, and for challenging us via your incredible array of Zoom techniques to connect people not only with one another but also with pressing climate issues needing our urgent attention and global action.

Elizabeth Kamphausen
, Zoom Audience Member
“Peterson asks us to consider the radical notion of hope for the future. With characteristic humour, realistic projection, and an inspired use of Zoom features, we are invited to look at our present world from the perspective of an entirely imaginable attractive future. This unique way of addressing the practical challenges of climate change is unlike anything I have seen before.

Shirley McMillan, Irish author

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