Grief and New Life in a Time of Climate Change

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Photo by Mika Luoma on Unsplash

How do we process the grief we feel over a rapidly changing planet? What is the mourning process for losing natural and manmade structures due to increasingly powerful and destructive extreme weather? On Saturday, May 11, 2019 a group will gather at the site where a tornado tore apart a grove of pines that were planted over fifty years ago. There have always been storms like this, but more and more people are beginning to experience weather like we have not seen before. In addition to reducing our pollution and adapting to the changes upon us, people are coming together to process their strong feelings about these dramatic changes happening in the world. Below are details about the event and also feel free to visit the Facebook event page.

Wild Goose Farm — 2099 Beaver Run Road — Lewisburg, PA

As most of you know, Mother Nature provided a loud wake-up-call on the morning of April 15th, flattening the pine grove above the pond and behind the house with F1 tornado force winds. Fortunately the house, coop, barn and other outbuildings were not damaged and our tenant Susan, her kitty and the chickens were all unharmed. We are grateful for the outpouring of support from members, friends, neighbors and the wider community and we are happy to say that, with all the volunteer help, we’ve managed to open the art walk section of the trail and to clear the backyard and lawn for the Wild and Free families.

We’d like to invite everyone to come next Saturday, May 11th, to enjoy a farm brunch and to witness the damage that our changing climate is bringing. Seeing the damage first hand is a very powerful reminder of what we all will continue to face and the urgency of changing both our individual and our collective reliance on petrochemicals and fossil fuel. Working together to address the damage is a powerful antidote to the despair we know many people may also be feeling at times.

Please join us for brunch from 10:30 to noon. We will gather in the farmhouse kitchen and front porch if it rains, make some delicious omnivore and vegan favorites, and even boil some maple syrup. After brunch we will walk through the woods to witness the storm damage. Local performance artist and host of Citizen’s Climate Radio, Peterson Toscano, will be with us to share his thoughts and invite us to engage in further discussion. Anyone who wants to stay after that to clear the trail to the walnut swing is welcome, weather permitting of course. If you like to breathe and stretch, you are welcome to come early, from 9-10, when Sierra will lead a yoga session in the barn. For those unable to make it, we will be posting pictures of the event and the progress towards restoring the woods on our Facebook event page.

(featured image credit: Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash)

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