Faith, Justice, and Climate Change

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Faith, Justice, and Climate Change

Some faith communities and people of faith have begun the work to inspire climate action while grounding it in compassion and  a commitment to human rights. This interactive workshop will explore some of the spiritual, moral, and ethical issues climate advocates face. Join the conversation with Corina Newsome, from Young Evangelicals for Climate Action and Peterson Toscano, a Quaker climate communicator and human rights activist as they consider hard questions about their own faith and their relationship to climate change.

  • What roles can churches and other places of worship take on in a time of rapidly changing crisis? Where do we see positive examples? Where are faith communities failing?
  • Why are some places of worship resistant to ideas of environmental stewardship and climate action?
  • What benefit does a connection with the natural world have for believers and the places where they worship?
  • What does the Bible say about climate change?
  • What role has race played in the environmental movement and how can we address the “whiteness” of environmentalism?

Tuesday February 12, 2019 4:30 to 6pm Education Center room 118

Corina Newsome

Corina Newsome serves on the Steering Committee of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. Recently transitioning from her career as a zookeeper, she is currently a graduate biology student at Georgia Southern University, specializing in avian conservation. Corina earned her B.A. in Zoo and Wildlife Biology from Malone University (OH) in 2015, and since graduating, has founded and directed several programs to encourage ethnic and socioeconomic minority high school students to consider careers in wildlife science.

Corina grew up in downtown Philadelphia and has always had a desire to participate in, and advocate for, the protection of wildlife and natural spaces. Her goal is to encourage minorities in the U.S. to explore the great outdoors, and draw a connection for Christians between their faith and participation in creation stewardship.”  You can learn about Corina and her work on her blog, Hood Naturalist and follow her on Twitter, @hood_naturalist

Also, hear Corina and Peterson talking about faith and climate change on Citizens Climate Radio

Featured art by Joey Hartman-Dow

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