Let’s Face the Music and Dance — Our Passions on a Changing Planet

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Mosts climate advocates understand they are in it for the long haul. We have a lifetime of important work ahead of us. Beyond helping to pass meaningful climate legislation, what is your role on this new and rapidly changing planning?
In this interactive workshop, Peterson Toscano, host of Citizens Climate Radio, will help you explore your passions and how they relate to climate change and climate action. You will find your understanding of yourself deepen as you get a clearer vision about the road ahead. Through a time travel exercise, you will expand your thinking and free up your imagination.
This event is hosted by Beth El Temple Center, and it is free to attend. Click HERE to register

It's not hard to see why Peterson's been successful engaging people across backgrounds in some interesting and important discussions. The discussions and followups were thoughtful and productive. He challenged some of our notions and approaches in intelligent ways and got the office thinking in some exciting new directions.

David Heithaus
, Director of Green Initiatives, Kenyon College

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