Environmental Justice Panel and Workshop at Green Allies

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Peterson loves attending and participating in the Pennsylvania Green Allies Conference. It is student-led with lots of student presentations. Through this conference he first learned about the amazing work students are doing at the University of Delaware. (Hear his Citizens Climate Radio conversation with students working on the the Green the Green initiative.)

The 2019 conference will be held at Gettysburg College, and Peterson will take part in a panel discussion centered on environmental justice. His work exploring LGBTQ responses to climate change and the need for a deeper broader discussion about privilege, access, and input from a diverse group of people when looking at climate solutions has him considering race, class, ability, gender identity, and sexual orientation when talking about climate change.

In addition, he will lead an interactive workshop that will help participants dig deeper into the topics around environment justice and the many roles we can take in promoting justice when pursuing sustainability and climate solutions.

I would describe his work as “radical” in the way that he connects so many aspects of the human experience together. As we approach a future where climate change is the unfortunate reality, Toscano offers us a critical, yet also humorous and hopeful perspective. We don’t particularly need more climate science, as the science is there. We need climate communicators and Toscano is exactly that.

Julia Mercer, student, Dickinson College '18


Peterson has written about the challenges LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and undocumented immigrants for the American Public Health Association. In his monthly podcast, he has been speaking with people of color about the the challenges and systemic oppression that gets magnified with climate change.

Peterson Toscano is uniquely able to reach out to people through the power of story and comedy to bring a listener through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression all the way to inspiration and action. Even better, he is fun and engaging and highlights the value to be found in understanding and engaging with people with a different backgrounds and perspectives. The world would be a better place if everyone could listen to Peterson for an hour."

Nathaniel Graf
, Harvard Graduate Student, former Climate Action Senior Fellow, Office of Sustainability, Swarthmore College


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