Does This Apocalypse Make Me Look Fat? Preview Performance

Event Details

In his newest one-person comedy, Peterson Toscano takes on broken bodies, large and small including his own. Without giving too much away, audiences will see Peterson morph from characters to character, provide a hilarious and at times heartbreaking jaunt through history, and jump around on stage in a skintight bright green body suit. Through this odd and moving collection of scenes, Peterson seeks to delve deep into what it takes to become someone who faces and survive calamity, providing a hopeful path even as we stand in the shadow of a looming climate crisis.

Before the official premiere of the play on October 9, 2014 at Susquehanna University, Peterson will offer a private free preview of the play at the Elias Center for the Performing Arts in Mifflinburg, PA. Audience members will watch the show and give feedback about their experience and the piece. If you are interested in reserving a space for this one-time event, contact us and let us know.

The presentation is free but NOT open to the general public.

212-214 South 5th Street, Mifflinburg, PA 17844

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