Does This Apocalypse Make Me Look Fat? (Albuquerque, NM)

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Photo on 1-21-15 at 6.53 PM #2In this one-person, multi-character comedy, Peterson Toscano finds humor in the oddest places–cancer, climate change, and even childhood trauma. What is so funny about broken bodies? Perhaps it is how we respond to them whether it be through denial, the quest for miracle cures, or doing the impossible. This is a play about facing our fears big and small.

Hilarious, heartbreaking, revealing, and energetic, this play offers laughs and hope in the greatest times of need as we face the biggest challenges. With the help of his comic creations, Marvin Bloom and Dr. Meadows, Peterson takes his audience for a ride back into the past, forward to the future, and deep into resources we never know exist until we need them most.

Wanna know how to face an apocalypse with humor, hope, and humanity? Check out Peterson’s newest, boldest comedy.

OR attend the afternoon workshop and evening performance for only $15.
For more info, contact Donna Lockridgedonna @ (505) 280-5210
Peterson is a shapeshifter, taking on multiple characters and literally changing how his body looks on stage. See and hear some samples of Peterson in action:

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