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Everything is Connected–A Collection of Stories, most weird, many true.

Looking at the intersections of LGBTQ issues, faith, justice, and climate change, Peterson’s storytelling and facilitation helps bring people together to unearth shared values and concerns. Having straddled multiple worlds that have not always complimented each other, Peterson refocuses the conversation to the people behind the politics. As a character actor, he seamlessly transforms before your eyes, using comedy to take on serious issues. Oh, and he’s funny too.

As part of a residency to University of Georgia Peterson will perform Everything is Connected–An Evening of Stories, most weird, many true.

Conversations that entertain and enlighten 

As an active climate leader, Toscano finds inspiration in his Quaker faith, and while that certainly has a lot to do with his motivation, it's far from his only method of relating to diverse audiences. For Toscano, a character actor who regularly performs his climate-minded theatrics in live productions across the country, the art is to bring people in with laughter and not scare them away with doom and gloom scenarios. He purposefully avoids shame and instead provides hope accompanied with a chuckle, giving audience members something to feel good about.

Ryan J Smith
, Writer at Blessed Tomorrow from article: Innovative Climate Media Makes Room For Faith


Toscano's excellent theater chops morph characters and identities in that world-changing way only performance allows. His writing and philosophy educate and loosen the tightest knots of queer and religious entanglements. But it's his heart, which his engaging presence radiates, that will pull you in, warm you up, and leave you pleading for an encore.

Scott Turner Scofield
, Transgender actor, artist, solo performer & diversity speaker.



Who is Peterson Toscano?

petersoninmaltaPeterson Toscano is a performance artist, activist and comic storyteller. Although he performs throughout North America and Europe, he actually lives in Sunbury, PA. Toscano presents original one-person comedies that explore gender, sexuality, faith, and climate change.

His own personal story is bizarre. At first he struggled to accept himself seeing a conflict between his Christian faith and his gay orientation. After 17 years and over $30,000 trying to “de-gay” himself, he came to his senses and came out gay. He created the one-person play, Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House, helped produce the award winning documentary film, This is What Love in Action Looks Like, and contributed to the Lambda Award winning anthology, Gender Outlaws–The Next Generation.

As someone concerned with human rights, for the past two years Toscano has taken on climate change as his primary focus as he considers LGBTQ, faith, and comic responses to the climate crisis. His does not dole out the typical gloom and doom, shame and guilt global warming messages. Instead he infuses his work with hope. He challenges audiences to pursue community building as he helps them connect climate change to everything from immigration to a cup of coffee. He is the creator of Climate Stew and the host of Citizens Climate Radio.

Everything is Connected–An Evening of Stories, most weird, many true

Wednesday April 25, 2018 7:00 PM

UGA Chapel

109 Hertly Drive, Athens, GA 30602

Sponsored by UGA Office of Sustainability

FREE: Visit Everbrite for free entry

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Through the lens of relatable, endearing and hilarious characters we found ourselves considering the intersections between LGBTQ justice and climate change, what we can learn from the LGBTQ struggle for justice and the infinite resources available to us through these relationships.

Erin Pratt
, Program Director, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light


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  1. Gary Grossman on April 5, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    Hi Peterson, I think we’re set up to meet when you’re here at UGA. I’m working on an article on ecological concepts expressed in the Old Testament (not sure it will come off) so I thought it would be fun to talk. I also use music as a pedagogical tool in STEM education http://www.garygrossman.net/natural-voices/ . Looking forward to your talks and conversation. cheers, g2

  2. Peterson Toscano on April 5, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    Wow, that sounds great. I look forward to hearing about your research. I will definitely look at a story in Genesis that I see as a climate change related stories. And your use of music while teaching STEM also interests me. I use theatre and performance in both researching and sharing Biblically scholarship. Looks like we will have a rich time together. Looking forward to connecting!

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