Climate Change–What’s Faith Got to Do with It? (Villanova U)

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Discovering our roles on a new planet


Enough with the gloom and doom! People are hungry for new ways of looking at climate change. Peterson Toscano provides a lively, insightful, and at times hilarious presentation that helps his audiences wrap their heads and hearts around global warming.image

This is NOT your normal climate change presentation. Filled with hope and honesty, Peterson’s audiences open up as they consider their roles on a new planet. His personal approach along with his expert use of storytelling opens up a space to imagine a better future and our possible roles in it.

Peterson helps us  look at our current climate crisis from multiple angles including as a human rights issue as well as a deeply spiritual one. No one gets mocked or guilted into action, instead audience members relax and walk away with fresh ideas and hope.

The creator of the Climate Stew Show and host of Citizens’ Climate Radio, Peterson uses storytelling, humor and incredibly helpful metaphors to help his audience better understand the times we are in and the spiritual resources at our disposal to face them with determination, courage, and a heart for justice.

Climate Change–What’s Faith Got to Do with It?

Wednesday September 28, 2016 6:00 PM

Villanova University, Driscoll 134 Villanova, PA

Sponsors for Peterson’s visit include:

  • Villanova Student Live
  • Villanova Campus Ministry
  • Villanova’s Center for Peace and Justice
  • Department of Geography and the Environment
  • Department of Sustainable Engineering
  • Waterhouse Family Institute
  • PA Interfaith Power and Light

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Peterson came to the twin cities and led the interfaith community in a dynamic and engaging theatrical and comedic evening. The subject of climate change can be overwhelming. Through Peterson's gifted lead we found ourselves laughing together and imagining what's possible.

Erin Pratt
, Program Director, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light

The speaker tonight was unlike any speaker I have ever encountered. He managed to keep his audience captivated, engaged, and humored while discussing a serious current issue... Instead of scaring his audience into believing about climate change and feeling guilty...he requested that his audience refocus, remember, and respond.

, Simpson College

What is most lovely about his performance work is that Peterson does it without judgment or malice. He makes his audience face themselves, accept their own brokenness, but not hate or loathe ourselves in the process. That is a gift. And he’s got it and is gracious enough to share it.

Mike Nagle
, Audience Member, Hartford, CT



Through his original one-person shows, his lively lectures, stand-up comedy, and keynote addresses, Peterson offers up critical content through his engaging (and often hilarious) presentations about LGBTQ issues, gender, Bible, and Climate Change. His warmth and vulnerability help his audiences to open up, listen, learn, and dream. Some titles include: Transfigurations--Transgressing Gender in the Bible, Waking Up from a Biblically Induced Coma, and A Queer Response to Climate Change--What Would Walt Whitman Do?

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