Climate Change — What’s Faith Got To Do With It?

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This is NOT your normal climate change presentation.

Peterson Toscano, a performance artist, Quaker, and Bible scholar. 

Filled with hope and honesty, Peterson’s audiences open up as they consider their roles on a new planet. His personal approach along with his expert use of storytelling opens up a space to imagine a better future and our possible roles in it.

Peterson helps us  look at our current climate crisis from multiple angles including as a human rights issue as well as a deeply spiritual one. No one gets mocked or guilted into action, instead audience members relax and walk away with fresh ideas and hope.

Peterson will give the homily followed by a Parlor People Presentation at Church of the Nativity, 159 S. Second Street, Newport, PA. Service begins at 9:30 AM

The curator of the Climate Stew Website and the host of Citizens’ Climate Radio, Peterson uses storytelling, humor and incredibly helpful metaphors to help his audience better understand the times we are in and the spiritual resources at our disposal to face them with determination, courage, and a heart for justice. He is a member of the Millville, PA Friends Meeting (Quakers.)

For a Catholic institution that is heavily focused on the social aspects of sustainability it was a perfect match to have Peterson speak on the faithful’s connection to climate change. Peterson’s humorous approach helped connect students who would otherwise be uninterested in the topic of climate change. Additionally, while on campus Peterson conducted meaningful conversations with a variety of groups.

Liesel Schwarz
, Sustainability Manager, Villanova University


Have a listen to Peterson’s podcast episode, Cloud of Witnesses, in which he looks at climate change and climate action through faith lenses.

In addition to being an informed speaker, Peterson is also a character actor who embeds performances into the talk.


Peterson came to the twin cities and led the interfaith community in a dynamic and engaging theatrical and comedic evening. The subject of climate change can be overwhelming. Through Peterson's gifted lead we found ourselves laughing together and imagining what's possible.

Erin Pratt
, Program Director, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light


As an active climate leader, Toscano finds inspiration in his Quaker faith, and while that certainly has a lot to do with his motivation, it's far from his only method of relating to diverse audiences. For Toscano, a character actor who regularly performs his climate-minded theatrics in live productions across the country, the art is to bring people in with laughter and not scare them away with doom and gloom scenarios. He purposefully avoids shame and instead provides hope accompanied with a chuckle, giving audience members something to feel good about.

Ryan J Smith
, Writer at Blessed Tomorrow from article: Innovative Climate Media Makes Room For Faith



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