A Queer Response to Climate Change. WWWWD? (Minneapolis)

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A Queer Response to Climate Change

What Would Walt Whitman Do?

Using storytelling, humor and skilled facilitation, Peterson creates a thoughtful space where participants can reflect on our individual and united roles on a new planet.


Peterson Toscano returns to All Gods Children MCC!

  • How on earth is Global Climate Change a Queer Issue?

  • How are LGBTQ folks specially positioned to creatively consider Global Warming and develop strategies for addressing it?

  • What exactly do queer people bring to the table?

  • And What does Walt Whitman have to do with it?

Homo No Mo?!?

Peterson Toscano offers a presentation that is guaranteed to expand your thinking, give you hope, and provide direction for you and your community in the face of big changes on our little planet. Discover your role on our new earth and learn how LGBTQ folks and communities already have experiences and resources that we can draw on in the midst of our current and growing climate crisis. It’s time for the ultimate makeover!

This lively lecture includes live performance and addresses multiple issues including:

  • Climate Change as a human rights issue
  • Facing Extinction: Lessons learned from HIV/AIDS activism
  • Transitioning bodies, Transforming spaces
  • Queer households training society to live in community
  • LGBTQ Rights in the midst of political disorder
  • Queer intersection of women’s issues, immigration, climate change, and environmental justice
  • It’s NOT just about the children–moving beyond a heteronormative climate message


Check out Peterson’s blog and some of his pieces on a Queer Response to Climate Change:

Does This Climate Change Activism Make Me Look Straight?

And Ain’t I a Queer? LGBTQ Human Rights and Global Warming

Peterson’s Queer Climate articles at HuffPost

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Act up global warming

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I have had the chance to see Peterson Toscano perform several times in Sweden. His work makes a big impact on me every time I see it. He has an ability as an actor to entertain, and at the same time, he gets the audience to really reflect on complicated issues. He then invokes the desire to make a change. His writing is political, but at the same time very personal as he manages to weave the two things together to bring his audience to knowledge that matters to everyone.

Alex Resare
, Audience Member, Umeå, Sweden


Peterson Thomas Toscano brings a wonderful sense of characterization and depth of emotion to his work. It is funny, engaging, and deeply thought-provoking.

Elizabeth Levin
, Audience Member


For the past decade, Peterson Toscano has dug deeply into the intersection of faith and queer culture, coming up with pieces that are incisive, explanatory, thoughtful, kind to all parties, and moving. He has paired these performances with lectures and discussions that draw in viewers of all sorts of backgrounds, getting them to truly engage with the material.

Ben Guaraldi
, Filmmaker

A Queer Response to Climate Change: What Would Walt Whitman Do?

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 7:00 PM

All God’s Children MCC
3100 Park Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 824-2673


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