Climate Change–What’s Faith Got To Do With It? (Indianola, IA)

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As the world responds to climate change and goes through stages of grief, starting with denial, people are looking through different lenses to help wrap their heads about a crisis that threatens our existence along with other earth dwellers. What are various faith responses to climate change? And how is faith even relevant in a time when humanity is looking to science to devise a way forward.

Peterson Toscano sees global warming as a human rights issue, an environmental justice issue, and a moral issue. As a Bible scholar, a Quaker Artist, and an LGBTQ rights activist, he offers presentations that explore climate change through the eyes of faith as he asks himself and his audiences the question, What will your role be on a new planet?

Filled with hope, humor, and pragmatism, Peterson will facilitate a discussion to will help people think in new directions. To get a sample of Peterson in action, check out Climate Stew Podcast and his YouTube channel.


Climate Change–What’s Faith Got to Do with It?

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 7:00 PM
Simpson College
Hubbell Hall, Kent Campus Center
701 N C St, Indianola, IA 50125

Peterson Toscano has the rare gift of being able to simultaneously open the pages of Scripture and the minds of his audience, enriching both by his creative use of humour and drama, laughter and tears, challenges and uplifts. His performances are not to be missed!

Lorne Calvert
, Premier of Saskatchewan 2001-07, Principal St. Andrew’s College


Peterson Toscano has a startling ability to wed scholarship, deep respect and affection for the Bible and its characters, and belly-busting humor into a blissful, boisterous, polygamous marriage. I leave every performance with sides split and mascara running.

Lisa Griffin, Ph.D.
, Clinical Psychologist


What is most lovely about his performance work is that Peterson does it without judgment or malice. He makes his audience face themselves, accept their own brokenness, but not hate or loathe ourselves in the process. That is a gift. And he’s got it and is gracious enough to share it.

Mike Nagle
, Audience Member, Hartford, CT

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