Beyond Polar Bears and Lightbulbs. New Climate Communication (Denver, CO)

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People are hungry for new ways of looking at climate change. Peterson Toscano has begun to offer lively, insightful, and  hilarious presentations to help people wrap their heads and hearts around global warming. Filled with hope and honesty, Peterson’s audiences open up as they consider their roles on a new planet. His personal approach along with his expert use of storytelling opens up a space to imagine a better future and our possible roles in it.

Peterson will help Friends look at our current climate crisis from multiple angles including as a human rights issue and a deeply spiritual one. There will be time for plenty of discussion or worship sharing.


Peterson Toscano


Sunday, February 15, 2015 Mountain View Friends Meeting 2280 South Columbine, Denver, CO

Want a sample? Listen to samples of Peterson’s funny and thoughtful Climate Stew show

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