Beyond Greenwashing and Polar Bears (Tacoma, WA)

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These days we are inundated with admonitions to go green with thousands of companies with products that promise an environmentally-friendly path to sustainable consumerism. But we cannot responsibly shop our way out of our current climate crisis. Then there are all those polar bears floating on ice flows and appeals to do something about climate change for future generations, but the reality is global warming already affects us today and close to home. We are the generations that inherited the broken planet they warned about in the 70’s.

It’s easy to throw up our hands and become Deniers–Hope Deniers, but we can get beyond the shallow talking points and the fear filled rhetoric to have an honest conversation about global warming, environmental justice, and our roles on a new planet.

Using humor, storytelling, and engaging group activities, performance activist Peterson Toscano offers hope without shying away from the dire plight earth dwellers face. Host of the cheeky Climate Stew Podcast, Peterson takes a serious look at the issues without trying to scare the snot out of people. You will not hear about carbon footprints, recycling, or buying green. Instead this interactive presentation will go deeper and in unexpected places.

Check out Peterson’s HuffPost piece about why he marched in the NYC People’s Climate March

Peterson marching with the Queers for the Climate

Peterson marching with the Queers for the Climate

Beyond Greenwashing and Polar Bears

November 12, 2014 7:00 PM
University of Puget Sound
1500 N. Warner Street
Tacoma WA 98416

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