Art, Activism, and Identity — (Pendle Hill’s YAFCON)

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As part of the YAFCON (Young Adult Friends Conference) on Equality, Peterson Toscano will present a specially designed performance/workshop that will contribute to the conference’s goal of unpacking identity and power and privilege. Peterson’s work looks at the intersections of sexuality, faith, identity, climate change, and resiliency. Part performance/part workshop, this special presentation will give participants opportunities to jump into multiple worlds that often seem at odds with each other. Peterson is a quirky queer Quaker who humorously explores the serious worlds of gender, religion, and climate change.

Perhaps YAFCON is for you!

Young Adult Friends (ages 18-35) are invited to Pendle Hill’s annual intensive six-day conference — YAFCON — designed to strengthen a networked generation of awakened and effective spiritually grounded change agents. This year, we will be focusing on equality in its most expansive sense as a way to explore the need for justice, the power of Truth and love, our own growing edges as individuals and as a community, and what it means to create the Beloved Kin-dom here and now. We will cultivate a brave learning space within which to unpack privilege and power, and to develop greater capacity to tackle and break down the many intersecting systems of oppression around us.

Learn more about the intersectional justice work does by listening to this short public radio feature on him and his work.

Art, Activism, and Identity — A Special Presentation

YAFCON Continuing Revolution:
A Young Adult Friends Conference on Equality

Monday June 8, 2015 7:30 PM

Brixton House — Pendle Hill

388 Plush Mill Road

Wallingford, PA

Peterson’s performance will be offered to the public for more information contact Pendle Hill.


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