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2019 is going to be a very busy year–deliciously so. In addition to producing monthly episodes of Citizens Climate Radio, I will be touring at universities and conferences in the USA. I use comedy and storytelling to explore serious issues like climate change, religion, and LGBTQ+.

Most dates in January and February are booked and March is nearly there. I am still booking April. Strange how each year it is different. Last year April was packed and March was quiet. It might have something to do with when Easter occurs.

1-16 Philippines podcast research tour
25-27 Citizens Climate Lobby Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

1 Greenwood Friends School
2 GreenAllies Annual Conference — environmental panel and workshop, In the Same Boat Together?
3 Millville Friends Meeting — What Does the Bible Say About Climate Change?12, 13 College of Charleston — residency
5-7 Wingate University
15 Salem Sound Coast
19,20 Bentley University — residency
25-28 Eastern Tennessee State University

4,5,6 Bucknell University
11-16 University of Hawaii — residency
25,26 Rochester Institute of Technology

April (TBA) still receiving bookings

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