Even Better Financial News!

On September 30th I blogged about Yuki Choe, a trans woman in Malaysia, who came upon hard times and needed a little help from her friends. People responded amazingly and sent money via paypal and other means resulting in Yuki getting through the toughest of the tough patches.

I heard from Yuki today that things are looking up! She has been able to keep her car (which is getting her back and forth to work) and she has found tempoary housing (which thankfully keeps a roof over her head). She says that she is almost completely on her own feet and with a little more help should be able to be in stable housing by the New Year and in adequate shape financially to go it alone.

From the beginning she was reticent about asking for help, but I reminded her that activism starts with taking care of ourselves. Yuki has been a faithful activist blogging about ex-gay issues in Asia and standing up for LGBT rights. From Yuki I have been reminded that we live in community, and we need to look after each other. These are troubled times, and we do well to practice hospitality and sharing.

I write this to ask for one more push to help Yuki through the next two months. For my part I will give proceeds from the next two performances of Transfigurations to Yuki. I feel I have been so enriched by trans men and women in so many ways. Please join me in supporting Yuki in the work she does.

Please consider giving Yuki a gift, even if it is just $10. I’m so excited to hear how folks from all over have rallied to give her both the financial and the emotional support she needed through this seemingly hopeless time when the bottom fell out from under her.

You can get details on how to send money via PayPal over at Yuki’s site.

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  1. Christine Bakke on November 17, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Thank you for the reminder. (((hugs))) to Yuki…

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