Equality Ride at Critical Point

Yesterday I blogged about how I’m going to DC to help with the Soulforce Equality Ride training. This just in from Soulforce…

Folks, due to the economic chaos in the country and subsequent downturn, the Equality Ride is in danger of not getting on the road. Several of our major funding sources have dried up. We absolutely have to raise $30,000 by 4pm EST TODAY or the ride is postponed. This would be a huge disappointment to the LGBT students who are looking forward to our arrival.

The Equality Ride is the signature program of the Soulforce young adults. It saves lives and opens minds. Of the 55 colleges and universities already visited, we’ve seen significant progress made in the official policies of several schools.

Nearly twenty schools have formed Gay-Straight Alliances and created “Safe Zones” for LGBT students. LGBT students have begun to come out of their closets to their friends, professors and families in order to live whole and complete lives.

Your support is urgently needed. Can you make a generous donation TODAY to get the Equality Ride bus rolling?

You can donate here. Please give any amount.


As of 3:10 pm EST:

Since our email alert was sent out earlier today, we have raised $19,747. We still need another $10,253 to reach $30,000 — the amount we must have by 4pm EST TODAY in order to avoid postponing the 2008 Equality Ride.


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  1. punkfairy on September 23, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Oh, I’ll see if I can donate (:

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