Ep 14 Black Lives with Aeryka Harvey and Dr. Natasha DeJarnett

Regular listeners of the Bubble&Squeak podcast have come to expect certain things. Each episode is exactly 15 minutes, contains three segments, and a simple two word title, which can be naughty, well usually (Anal Thermometer, Tiny Nipples, Ass Whisperer, you get the point.)

Even with all the silly bawdiness, we routinely take on serious issues. In Hairless Gerbils, Non-Fiction author Elizabeth Rush spoke about the #MeToo moments she and her students have experienced as they did field research. In Sexy Sex, actor Danny Glover and folklorist Dr. James Early spoke in Havana Cuba about race relations in the USA and Latin America. And in Slingshot Dynamite, novelist Claire Vaye Watkins spoke about climate change and humans suicidal tendency in our relationship with it.

Our latest episode is Black Lives:

Part one Aeryka Harvey, the host of Brown Suga Diaries.
Part two Peterson Toscano with the help of Sean Dague asks 500 people to imagine a world without fossil fuelsDr. Nathasha DeJarnett, a leading environmental health researcher, shares her vision of the future.
Part three a Sound Slice from a 2014 Black Lives Matters worship service at Union Theological Seminary in NYC. Reading of Ephesians 6:10-13 Beautifully interpreted by Dean Yvette Wilson

You can hear the show wherever you get podcasts or right here:

Featured Photo by James Eades on Unsplash

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