Eleventylife: A conversation with Matt Langston

Matt Langston

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Matt Langston on the podcast Eleventylife. We talk about my new podcast Bubble&Squeak, which is also part of the Rock Candy Network. This is where you can find Matt’s music and other podcasts like Stephen Long’s Sacred Tension and The Bible Bash podcast I host along with Liam Hooper.

Perhaps the most meaningful part of the conversation to me is when Matt talks about his faith and the challenge of now coming out as someone who doesn’t hold to the Christian faith anymore. It is moving and will likely resonate with others who have questioned their faith and moved on.


I share my secrets of how I survive as an introvert in highly extroverted spaces.

And we talk about the music Matt has made with the band eleventyseven and his solo work in The Jellyrox. Under the jaunty pop punk sound are themes that point to deeper places of questions, pain, and longing. I find these track fit beautifully with my Bubble&Squeak podcast.

Enjoy this conversation on EleventyLife

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Featured Photo by Karen Powers on Unsplash (because Matt likes unicorns so much)



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