What on earth does faith have to do with Climate Change?

Faith, Hope, and Climate Change

img_5244Last week I had the privilege to spend a few days at Villanova University as a guest of the office of sustainability along with the following sponsors.

  • Villanova Student Live
  • Villanova Campus Ministry
  • Villanova’s Center for Peace and Justice
  • Department of Geography and the Environment
  • Department of Sustainable Engineering
  • Waterhouse Family Institute
  • PA Interfaith Power and Light

The Greatest of these is Love

img_4973I guess it is the intersectionality of the work I do that so many diverse groups came together to host me. The visit led up to a public performance of Climate Change–What’s Faith Got to Do with It? This is a performance lecture I give to faith communities and universities. I look at the issue in ways that are unexpected and consider climate denial in part as a stage of grief over the massive changes that we see on the planet. I distinguish skepticism from outright deception. And I offer lots of hope–not false promises that things are not as bad as we are hearing–but hope in humanity and our ability to respond to crisis and care for each other.

The 55 minute lecture covers lots of ground related to responses to climate change for people of faith and faith leaders including:

  • Pastoral Care
  • Personal Devotion
  • Human Rights
  • Resiliency
  • Service
  • Hope

But ultimately it is about love–love for each other, love for the world we live in, and love for ourselves during this awesome and terrible time of climate change. We have roles on this new planet and need much support as we step into them.

What’s Faith Got to do, Got to do with it?

img_4266Back in June I led a panel of faith leaders at the Citizens’ Climate International Conference and they covered some of these topics.

Villanova asked my permission to record my presentation, and I agreed. Here it is for you to see and share. I’d love to hear your thoughts about faith responses to climate change.



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