Doin’ Time with Joe G & Esteban!

I finish up my time here in LA with Joe G. of Beppepodcast fame. We actually recorded a crazy podcast interview this morning. He desperately wanted to just have me on without any characters. I succumbed to his charms.

I enjoy Joe’s company immensely. A fellow Queer (and a tad bit odd) Quaker with Italian-American roots in the Northeast, I feel like I am with family. What impresses me about him is his integrity mixed with his humor and humanity. It comes through often in his shows.

We then had a late lunch at the epicenter of West Hollywood Gaydom, The Abbey, where I shot this short film. (somehow the audio outpaced the video when the movie uploaded)


Speaking of films, Esteban Rael, a USC Student Film Maker, interviewed me for his newest documentary which will be about the Ex-Gay Movement.

He asks excellent questions and strives to understand why people choose to go ex-gay and how do people integrate their faith with their sexuality.

If you have had an ex-gay experience (particularly if you are a woman or trans) and live in the Southern California area, drop him a line.

So many amazing people and I still have to blog about Eric and Anthony and Teresa…

What an amazing time this has been. I feel so much hope that people of passion and vision care enough to do their part on-line, in church, in the community, in their art and relationships.

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  1. Tonya on June 7, 2006 at 2:45 pm

    I love your video’s. It gives so much more than just pictures.

    I need to learn to edit. If I can ever get my last weekend edited and posted I am going to start doing my video’s on my digital camera instead of a video camera so I can’t record too much. I haven’t gotten brave enough to turn the camera on myself much but I going to start trying to. I’m sure my husband & Sky would appreciate it if they weren’t always the object of my videos.

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