Doin’ Time with Tony Campolo

Back in 2003 at one of the very first public performances of Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House, I met Peggy Campolo, the very pro-LGBTQ wife of Christian writer and speaker, Tony Campolo. While Tony offered a kinder, gentler approach towards the gays compared to his fellow Evangelicals, it would take almost 15 more years before Tony came out in support of full inclusion and affirmation of LGBTQ people.

Through the years I poked and prodded, but mostly avoided conversations with Tony. Instead I hung out with Peggy at LGBTQ faith conferences or for meals outside of Philadelphia when Tony was on the road. But since Tony has come around it has been a joy getting to know him. We have had chats now about LGBTQ issues, the Bible and about climate change.

He will appear on an upcoming episode of Citizens Climate Radio to talk about his 1992 book, How to Rescue the Earth without Worshipping Nature. He was way ahead of the curve with that book with his prescription that part of the way to address overconsumption and the destruction of the earth is for men to rethink their ideas of masculinity.

This week Tony had me on his Red Letter Christians Across the Pond weekly radio show that airs in the UK on the conservative  Premiere Christian Radio network. We cover a lot of ground including my own struggles with being gay and Christian, and what it took to get me to come to my senses. We talk Bible, church, and a whole lot more. You can hear it here.


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