Doin’ Time at Dickinson College

April has been a delightful whirlwind with stops at Hartford Friends Meeting, Harvard Divinity School, and Mansfield University. This week I get to hang out at Dickinson College as the Clarke Forum speaker.


Since Dickinson guest house rooms do not come with a record player, it is a good thing I remembered to bring my own along with the Kinks’ Misfits album.

Whenever I go to a university, I prefer doing a residency, rather than a one-night event. So much of the best work happens in the classroom, around the lunch table, and at student club meetings.

Today I will get to spend time in Andrea Lieber’s Jewish Environmental Ethics class and Anthony Barnum’s Environmetal Sociology class. This evenning I will present my talk: Climate Change–What’s Faith Got to Do, Got to Do with It?

These days more than ever, as we hear of tragic deaths of African migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean, the epidemic violence towards people of color in the US by those who are suppose to enforce the law, and a planet that is warming and changing faster than many are willing to admit, it seems to me that conversations that look at the intersection of politics, colonialism, gender, science, faith, and justice are essential. I am grateful and honored that I have the opportunity to take part in some of these discussions.


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