Discussing Transfigurations with Inglorious Pasterds

The Terds had me back! Back in November I appeared on the raucous Inglorious Pasterds podcast to talk about climate change as a faith issue and an LGBTQ issue. This time we talk Transfigurations, the movie. After watching it, the hosts and guest hosts cracked open a wide ranging conversation about gender roles both ancient and modern. We also went off-topic in the most delicious and disturbing ways. But that is half the fun of the show.

If you have never heard this podcast, know that it is hilarious. The jokes come fast. The references are sharp. It goes from sublime philosophical references to the most banal pop culture and poop humor. It’s great fun. They describe their podcast this way: Three former pastors from the midwest talking about spirituality, news & all the things.

In addition to regular hosts, Michael Baysinger and Matt Polley, guest hosts Joshua M Casey and Laura Beth Taylor kept the conversation flowing. Laura Beth is the author of Shattering Masks, Affirming my Identity. Transitional my Faith, and continually cracked me up with perfectly timed one-liners. Being transgender, she deepened the conversation about gender–roles, stereotypes, and identity.

If you want a good time while taking in a conversation about gender and the Bible, check out Ep 105 of Inglorious Pasterds.


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