Demons, Eunuchs, and Placentas. Oh My!

In this post you will learn about how you can pre-order Transfigurations, the DVD, and how you can purchase the comic book, The Amazing Adventures of the Afterbirth of Jesus.

But first, let me tell you how I almost sorta freaked out podcaster Blake Chastian with a Bible story.

I think I freak some people out

I understand what seems everyday for me is downright bizarre to other people. I almost felt bad for Blake Chastain, the host of Exvangelical podcast. In a recent interview I shared the sordid details of my ex-gay past and the many ways I tried to de-gay myself. This included a wild exorcism that got broken up by the police.

He is a great interviewer and got me to open up in ways that I have not in most interviews. He also asked me to share some of my Bible scholarship. Again what has become a normal reading of Acts 8 and the story of the Ethiopian eunuch stunned him and silenced him for a moment. No worries since I can talk.

Pre-Order Transfigurations

I share this story and more in my performance lecture, Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible. I retired this performance lecture in August, and recorded it in a studio with the brilliant film direction, Samuel Neff. It has been a labor of love, and it is ready to watch. Well nearly. It is just getting duplicated. You can now pre-order the DVD and it will ship by April. Find it over at Barclay Press.

Speaking of Bible scholarship, today I gave a reading of my new comic book–The Amazing Adventures of the Afterbirth of Jesus. I created this book with Joey Hartmann Dow. Starting this weekend I will sell it on the road. You can buy your own copy of it over on Etsy.

Wanna hear a reading of the new comic book and find out what inspired it?



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