Decadence–A Poem


Oh, Come…

“…according to the government’s latest figures, the labor market has shrunk by more than 17% in the last quarter alone. Analysts warn that the current downturn will…”

“I told him NO. No more. I don’t know; I just can’t handle this anymore.”

“And with your tax-deductible donation of $150 or more, you will get the mug, the fleece jacket and the bumper sticker.”

“I can’t decide…Oh what the hell, I’ll take them both!”

“Oh! My!! God! !! Did you hear about Kristin and Rob?!?”

“Later this morning Chef Pauline will whip up some holiday goodies but first we go to Ron in the Weather Center.”

“One no-foam venti soy pumpkin spice latte. You wanna make that a double espresso? It costs the same.”

“And in what is being called the comeback of the new Millennium, she will launch her world-wide concert tour on Friday. Keep listening to hear how you can win tickets for four and an all-access VIP Pass.”

“We don’t carry that in small. Medium, Large, Extra Large or Double Ex.”

“…Now don’t forget the butter! I prefer the whipped butter you can get in tubs, but sticks will do in a pinch.”

“I’m sorry honey, I just can’t this week, but maybe your mother can on your way to the concert.”

“The angels come in from the right. And you shepherds need to appear startled but not terrified.”

” ‘A crocodile in my soup?!?’ cried Fatima, ‘but I asked for Chicken Noodle.’ The waiter grinned a greasy grin, ‘But my dear they all flew the coop. Please. PLEASE try our delicious and nutritious Crocodile Soup.’ ”

“A police spokesman says the cause of death is still uncertain but a toxicology report will be released later this week. Now to sports with Janet in The Zone…”

Let Us Adore


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