De-Gayed in the UK: New Study Released

I have received over a dozen e-mails, Facebook messages and Twitter thingys alerting me to a study that reveals one out of six psychiatrist offered a form of reparative therapy to their queer and questioning clients.

From Towleroad,

A pretty astonishing rate given the outright rejection of such “therapy” by the mainstream medical community, and the warnings of its dangers.

Truthwinsout The Independent reports: “A study of more than 1,400 psychiatrists and therapists in BMC Psychiatry found that 222 (17 per cent) said they had treated at least one client to alter their homosexual feelings at some point. The researchers expected the cases to be concentrated in the past, but the 400 to 500 cases recorded were distributed evenly across the decades. ‘It is happening up to the present moment,’ [Professor Michael King, of the University College Medical School] said. It might only be the ‘tip of the iceberg’.”

A friend in South Africa also sent me the link to Treatmentshomosexuality, a new site that is gathering information and interviews and links about folks geting “de-gay” in the UK.

Over at Beyond Ex-Gay we have listed narratives of many ex-gay survivors including some from the UK. Later this spring I will travel to the UK to do several presentations at universities, Quaker meetings and conferences. In addition to performing Transfigurations–Trangressing Gender in the Bible, I will share snippets of Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House and talk about my own time trying to de-gay. You can see my schedule here (more UK gigs will be added soon once we confirm the details).

In other ex-gay news: Read the disturbing developments coming out of the Ugandan-based, US-backed ex-gay movement over at Box Turtle Bulletin.

And in good news, Morgan Jon Fox will have its official release of his documentary This is What Love in Action Looks Like on June 6th. Read about it here.


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